Nutrition and dietetics is a discipline of science that deals with the way we consume foods and make positive contributions to our health by preferring healthier foods.

This area is not only linked to the health, but also related with the food industry. Nutrition and dietetics aims to improve the knowledge about foods and eating and prevent or minimize the onset of diseases. Nutrition and dietetics conducts scientific studies on how a diet should be planned in sickness and health, how food should be prepared and the food intake.

Nutrition studies roles of metabolic and physiologic effects of nutrients on the body. Dietetics deals with the treatments of nutritional diseases and prevention of complications. (For example, Diabetes mellitus, gout, chronic kidney diseases, leanness, and being overweight, etc.)

One’s health depends on a sufficient and well balanced diet. “Sufficient and well-balanced” diet is defined as consuming sufficient amount of nutritional elements for development of body, tissue regeneration and for the body to function as well as appropriately utilizing the body; which is the basis of health.

Insufficient and ill-balanced diet paves a strong way for chronic diseases, which cause early death – an important public health issue.

All individuals and societies should have their nutritional awareness raised and healthy diets should be adopted as a life style in order to reach the expected quality of life in the globalization. On the other hand, physical activity should be adopted as a habit while alcohol and tobacco consumption should be prevented to effectively benefit from healthy diet.

Minimizing or eradicating nutritional problems lowering the living quality of the society (leanness, iron deficiency anemia, diseases of iodine deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency, dental carries, being overweight, etc.); preventing nutritional cardiac and vascular diseases, hypertension, certain types of cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis; can be achieved with access to food which is safe to consume and consuming the food in a sufficient and well-balanced manner.