Pediatrics is an important area of medical specialty. It holds an important position in medicine. It deals with development and health of babies, starting on their birth. Pediatrics undertakes health and diseases of children at 0 to 15 years of age, but it may also cover adolescents who are 18 years old. Growth, body weight and mental development are followed up in the supervision of well child. The department also supervises childhood immunization. Healthy development and growth of our children, who are the future of this nation, are safeguards of future of the country.

Childhood diseases include measles, chicken pox, rubella, roseola infantum and mumps. Those are major diseases, which require serious and close follow-up and treatment.

Undertreatment may lead to irreversible damages. You should consult your doctor for more detailed information. While our healthcare center hopes against such incidences; we would be honored to assist you.

Childhood diseases also cover conditions that require surgical management, such as undescended testis. It is expected to descend until 1 year of age and surgery is required if it remains undescended. If it is not surgically managed, major issues can be faced that cover infertility and even testicular tumor. Since childhood diseases develop at development and growth period of children, they should, therefore, be timely and correctly treated in order to eliminate potential future problems.

The pediatricians of our healthcare center will be the greatest support and friend for the healthy future of your children, apple of your eye and the most precious part of your family. We wish to bring up healthy generations.