Internal medicine is one of the major medical disciplines. It is called Internal Medicine at many facilities. It is specialized in health and diseases of digestive system, kidney, heart, lung, liver and spleen as well as cancer, infectious diseases, rheumatology, hormonal and allergic diseases, and geriatrics. It is specialized in medical (medication) treatments of the aforementioned organs. However, an internist refers the patient to surgeons to ensure a surgical solution for conditions such as appendicitis, bowel obstruction or gallstone. However, internal medicine department tends to solve the problems without surgery. While liver and kidneys filter the toxic materials from the bloodstream, the bone marrow produces certain blood cells and plays a significant role on our immunity

Microbes cause infections when they enter into our body and internal medicine department uses various antibiotic agents to fight infection in such cases. Rheumatoid diseases are treated by internal medicine department by fortifying the immune system. Heart is one of the main concerns of the internal medicine. Cardiology is a division of internal medicine department that specializes in treatment of cardiac diseases. Geriatrics helps the elderly patients live healthy and in peace in the rest of their lives.

The internal medicine department specializes in health problems of adult patients in the light of all the knowledge. And it helps eliminate said problems.