About Us

Our Founder

Halis ŞİMŞEK, M.D.Prof.

Professor Halis Şimşek, founder of our clinic, was graduated from School of Medicine, Hacettepe University in 1980 and his residency was started at Department of Internal Medicine in the same university at the same year. He was visiting fellow in Charing Cross Hospital, London for three months in his internal medicine residency.

Being graduated from residency education in 1984, Dr. Şimşek started his conscription at Karabük State Hospital. He was International Bockus Fellow at Gastroenterology Department of Medical College of Georgia, U.S.A. from 1987 to 1989. Moreover, he was visiting fellow at Gastroenterology Department of Florida University in 1989. Following overseas education, he returned to Hacettepe University and completed his gastroenterology fellowship in 1990. He was granted the title “Associate Professor” in the same year and “Professor” in 1996. Dr. Şimşek was visiting fellow at Department of Gastroenterology and Liver Transplantation, Pittsburgh University, U.S.A. in 1991.

Being granted TUBITAK scholar in his high school and university life, Dr. Şimşek was awarded TUBITAK encouragement prize – one of the most prestigious awards in our country – in 1995. He was deemed worthy of science award in medicine category of health sciences group by Popular Science Journal in 2007. He authored more than one hundred articles that are published in international journals listed in SCI and these articles are cited more than 1000 times. He is member of numerous national and internal societies in the field of medicine and Dr. Şimşek is also among renowned scientists of our country in gastroenterology and he contributed to education of numerous students, residents and lecturers. Dr. Şimşek is actively continuing education and training activities in School of Medicine, Hacettepe University and he is also following up and treating thousands of patients. He works actively at Hacettepe Hospital and his private office along with his scientific investigations and educational activities.

Professor Halis Şimşek has founded HC International Surgical Medicine Center, which he has been dreaming and strived enormously for a long time, in 2019. Making efforts to be among select healthcare facilities of our country, HC International Clinic has soon become a significant healthcare organization thanks to its patient-oriented architecture, high-tech devices, healthcare professionals with academic titles and experienced and good-humored personnel. HC International Clinic is ever increasingly expanding its areas of focus by opening new departments and it admits patients from neighboring countries along with citizens of our country. HC International Clinic also aims to be a center where educational activities are performed and scientific studies are conducted.

About Us

Our center is put into service in 6000 m2 of closed area in Ankara in 2019 and it aims to serve patients with modern architecture, comfortable living spaces, state-of-the-art infrastructure and healthcare professionals with academic title.

Giving a new impulse to healthcare sector of our country, our center has three operating rooms that are equipped by state-of-the-art medical devices. Even minor details are taken into consideration for patients and their family members who are welcomed by good-humored personnel at the very initial phase of the admission. Diagnosis is established within a short interval using modern diagnostic means to plan the treatment as soon as possible, while quality is always prioritized; patients are evaluated with a multidisciplinary approach.

Priority is the health of our patients in our center and therefore, patients with complex diseases that are difficultly diagnosed are discussed in councils of our physicians in order to plan the best treatment option.

Moreover, our center provides renowned physicians of our country with all facilities of diagnosis and treatment units. We have contracts with physicians who provide patients with top-tier service.

Our center deals not only with follow-up and treatment of patients, but it also support scientific trials and investigations that will contribute to the medicine at local and international scale.

Founders of our center are healthcare professionals with academic title and their major goal is to help education and training of physicians and healthcare personnel in order to make them aware of advancements in the area of medicine. Accordingly, various educational activities, scientific meetings and discussion session will be held in modern meeting hall of our center.

As it is already known, modern healthcare facilities of our country, especially the ones located in Ankara, and their globally renowned physicians are center of attraction for patients who live in neighboring countries. Our center has all necessary infrastructures to provide international patients with the best healthcare service.

Our center is located in an easily accessible part of Ankara and we also have a large parking lot nearby our hospital building for patients and family members who will drive to our hospital.

We are enormously glad to share the pride of opening a modern medical center, where patients will feel sage, with our community and friends.