The team of experienced physicians and well-educated healthcare professionals aim to render healthcare services at academic level in Gynecology and Obstetrics Department of our center. Services available in department of obstetrics and gynecology are considered under two groups.

Our obstetric services include supervision of health and high-risk pregnancies and our patients are provided with such services within scope of Perinatology specialty. The process starts with pre-implantation counseling. Sonography is scanned (in 11 to 14 weeks) on the first trimester for detailed examination to detect anatomic and chromosomal abnormalities early and development of fetus is supervised. CVS (Chorionic villus sampling) or amniocentesis is performed in cases suggesting risk and it is clarified in the light of laboratory results. Fetal anatomy is examined with another detailed obstetric ultrasound scan in gestational week 18 to 22; major and minor abnormalities are studied and the family is informed. Maternal risk factors (hypertension, thyroid diseases, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, heart diseases) are supervised with a multidisciplinary approach by other physicians of our center. A comfortable and peaceful pregnancy is ensured for mothers through the supervision and the management. Thus, both the mother and the fetus are aided to complete the pregnancy with a healthy delivery.

In gynecology, the primary aim is to conserve health of women and help regain health with early intervention when required. Our annual gynecology supervision program, gynecologic sonography and regular smears help achieving the highest possible level of health for everyone, as it is the main goal of the World Health Organization.

Moreover, counseling services are available for our patients, such as menopause follow-up and family planning.

Specialized surgeries are carried out when needed to have female patients maintain a healthy life – a very important goal for us.