Botulinum toxin is a substance used in various medical disciplines and recently, it is used effectively to manage the obesity. After an appropriate amount is administered to the pre-determined gastric regions with endoscopic technique; weight loss is facilitated by slowing down the gastric emptying, decreasing secretion of the hunger hormone and alleviating the nervous stimulation. Fullness is prolonged since food remains in the stomach longer and fullness is promoted with less amount of food.

The patients should strictly follow dietary advices following the Botox procedure. The intended weight loss may fail in patients with poor compliance to the diet.

Gastric Botox is recommended, after body mass index is calculated. Endoscopic procedure is carried out under sedation and lasts approximately 15 minutes. The patient doesn’t feel pain during procedure.

Stomach and duodenum are carefully evaluated before the procedure. The procedure is performed after peptic ulcer is duly treated. It is a safe method.

The patient may be discharged on the same day after the procedure. Loss of appetite starts two days after the procedure. It may be repeated 6 months after the first procedure, if required. Although it does not have a major side effect, dyspepsia, nausea or distention are rare complications.

It is not recommended for people with morbid obesity, pregnant women or lactating mothers.