Urology discipline deals with diseases of urinary and reproductive systems. Urinary system is formed by kidneys, ureters that extend to the urinary bladder, urinary bladder, prostate gland and urethra; the urine is filtered in kidneys and excreted through these parts of the urinary system. Reproductive system is formed by testicles, sperm canal, vas deferens, prostate gland, penis and urethra that are required for production and ejaculation of sperm, which is necessary for fertility. Congenital and acquired diseases are present for both systems while urology endeavors to treat or cure these problems. Urology uses two methods to treat these problems; medical treatment (for example, antiinfectious treatments) or surgical treatment (surgeries for diseases of prostate gland and stones).

Experienced physicians and healthcare professionals of HC International Clinic manage the diseases that require urologic treatment based on health and satisfaction of patients. Surgeries are carried out using state-of-the-art surgical tools and devices at operating theatres equipped with state-of-the-art devices for diseases that require surgical management. Imaging components of the advanced medical technology increase the success rate of surgeries, while the risk of complications is also decreased. Common urologic diseases such as prostate gland diseases, stone diseases, varicocele, infection and sexually transmitted diseases as well as other urologic diseases are successfully treated at our urology department. We provide quality, up-to-date and modern healthcare services by specially educated staff for the diseases of the reproductive system, such as male infertility. Advanced surgical methods such as microsurgery are combined with advanced laboratory services to achieve a healthy conception.

Our urology department would be happy and honored to be at disposal of you, our precious patients, to solve your health problems and regain your health, which is precious to us.