Our Vision and Mission

Our mission

Providing ethical, efficient, quality, easily accessible and good humored healthcare service in line with a team work approach that prioritizes satisfaction of patients and employees by considering needs and expectations of the community and closely monitoring modern, scientific and technological advancements.

Our vision

Being an innovative, scientific and modern healthcare facility, where all patients can meet all healthcare needs in a single center, and also being a leader facility in the region based on its prestige, reliability and maximized patient and employee satisfaction.

Our Service Policy

Preventive and therapeutic healthcare services are important for a healthy and peaceful life. Therefore, our major goal is to offer up-to-date and academic services by our experienced and self-dedicated personnel.

Our Strategy

· Experience: Making the right decision with the competence of the right approach based on experience
· Cost effectiveness: Investing on our mission and improving our financial discipline continuously

· Harmony: Gaining consistent results through a regular leadership approach and integrated operating model

· Growth: Maintaining growth initiatives that support our mission, vision and strategy.

· Development: providing healthcare services that are self-improving by monitoring all novelties.